December 21, 2013

Purpose Of Social Media

Purpose Of Social Media

For individuals who follow a particular brand you should aim to do 3 things:

Connect with individual’s passions or interests: You can achieve this through interacting with followers or  fans; finding out what are their likes, dislikes and how they perceive the brand. This will allow you to make adjustments so that particular brand can be improved.

Entertain and maintain engaged followers and fans: We can achieve this by creating an engaging personality, this personality or persona will keep the followers and fans engaged through constant dialogue, sharing of ideas, knowledge and experiences.

Proving Interest: Through interaction and knowing how prospective customers think and behave this will help the particular brand to better position themselves within the market through information gained from prospective customers. Information could be gained from what you observed from comments, likes or even shares and these type information can be retrieved in real time. Once this information gained is analyzed you will know how to keep up with your fans or followers leaving them engaged, interested and wanting more.

Area Of Focus For A Particular Brand

The Most important thing for a brand to do is to stay true (Todd Wasserman 2013). Identify what the brand is best at, what they can offer to consumers the most, then just focus on that. This will be strong point.


Two Strategies To Take Into Consideration In Targeting Consumers




nike_logo_image   paddedimage500500-Red-Bull-Logo


A passion brand has the ability to maintain an interest by the consumers since it targets and dwells on the individual’s passion. A perfect example of this is the whole foods, whose social media consists of almost entirely recipes. This creates a bond with that product and the individual’s passion and love for cooking. Other examples are : Nike and Rebull (These targets persons with a passion for sports or athletes on a whole.



A good example of a personality brand is skittles whose approach is mainly in the form of humorous consciousness updates example “ The frenemy of my frenemy is my enefriend” and “Beavers are excellent at making pancakes, omelettes, and anything that needs a spatula”.

Every brand has a story, every brand has a purpose once you are able to identify and capitalize on that then you are fully on your way to creating a brand that will be around for decades!

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