With Facebook’s new timeline design and it’s upcoming news feed redesign it places a lot focus on stunning visuals, which is great for Restaurants because well, people love food! The restaurant industry isn’t gonna die anytime soon but with increasing competition you’ll need to stand out and having a great social media presence can help you do that!With increasing competition you’ll need to stand out and having a great social media presence can help you do that! Over the next few weeks we’ll be giving tips and examples on how restaurants can use social media to their benefit. Today we’ll begin with the most popular social network, Facebook.

Create a Business Page Where Fans Can ‘Check In’ – The first tip you should consider when using Facebook for your restaurant is to make sure your page is check-in enabled, this depends on the category of business you chose when starting your page, so make sure your page is set-up as a local business with correct location. Enabling check-ins on your page gives you a better chance to show up in Facebook Graph Search, which is decided by a few factors, including page likes, engagement and you guessed it CHECK-INS!

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Share Your Menu – This is key! you gotta let fans know what you’re serving up on a daily basis!, do this by snapping a few pictures of what’s cooking for the day and upload them in an album for your hungry fans to have something to look forward to come lunch time.


Email Sign-Up Tab – By adding a Email sign-up tab to your Facebook page and making users aware of it periodically through posts and tips, restaurants grow their email list and then reach potential buyers and sellers via this means as well. This is critical!  When it gets into the inbox, it gets attention. Mailchimp is a good email client that you can use.

Use Cover Photo To Highlight Specials – The cover photo is the most dominant thing on your Facebook page, so it’s the perfect place to put important announcements. Have a standard cover photo design that you can easily edit ever so often and change your cover photo to highlight upcoming events and weekly/daily specials. If it’s “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious stew peas Monday” tell em with your cover photo!


Customer Service – Customers and prospective customers can send you pre-purchase or post purchase questions on your page by posting on your wall, making a comment on a post or sending a direct message in which you can respond to on Facebook, this is a much cheaper, faster and more efficient way to help customers as opposed to your staff having to answer phone calls.


Giveaway Discounts In Exchange For Engagement – Facebook finally gave us a bit of room when running contests, you don’t have to use a 3rd party app anymore so running contest that will boost engagement for your page is easier and cheaper now. Run a simple contests to get things happening on your page eg – “Comment below for your chance to win a free meal for two: The best meal at YOUR RESTAURANT is __________!. Get the most likes on your comment by 2pm EST tomorrow to win! “

Hope these tips were useful to you! let us know what you think in the comments!

If you have a restaurant and want some help getting started with or improving on social media, shoot us a message and let’s get the conversation started!

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